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A question of style… Riviera style

The stripe that identifies the Riviera style has always been the pattern linked to the sea, it surpasses every seasonal trend by resisting over time, we can define the maritime style as a decidedly sustainable style . But what makes it so irresistible and...

The men's and women's fashion shows for next season have just ended and we have not missed the strong appeal of the sea and the striped style that the maestro Giorgio Armani presented for the Emporio Armani line.

Deep blue and nautical references are never lacking and the approach of spring increases the desire for the sea.

Striped has always been the pattern linked to the sea, it surpasses every seasonal trend by resisting over time, we can define the maritime style as a decidedly sustainable style . But what makes it so irresistible and how can we renew it?

Sailor style, white and blue striped shirt with red mini bag

We asked a fashion and style expert, Monica Negri, Style Coach and Fashion Trainer from Turin with a passion for personal growth. In addition to having worked for more than 20 years as a Fashion Designer and Product Manager He is also a Coach Practitioner in NLP and a Transactional Analytics Counselor.

His approach to the world of fashion has always been that of conscious fashion that puts the person at the center and rejects homologation and stereotypes, especially female and age-related stereotypes.

She is often invited to fashion schools to give conferences on fashion and applied marketing, we asked her some questions to fully understand this much-loved style:

- What is meant by Riviera style?

“The Riviera style is a style inspired by the holiday spirit of the French bourgeoisie of the early 1900s when the rich spent their holidays on the French Riviera, or while in transit on cruise ships. Historically the cruise was a holiday for the rich out of season compared to mass holidays and was held between the months of September - October or April - May.”

vintage cruise, riviera style on vintage yacht

- When did the Riviera style become “in fashion”?

The Riviera style became fashionable when pret-a-porter was born, that is, when the need arose to produce clothing on a large scale and no longer just for high fashion. The first couturier to believe in pret-a-porter was the Parisian Pierre Cardin in 1959 and immediately after Ives Saint Laurent.

What does this mean exactly? Historically, fashion was a privilege for a few aristocrats. With pret-a-porter, however, it has become something within everyone's reach. This business project was and still is inevitably supported by clothing companies which, for production needs, create fashion collections to be placed on the market with a pre-established logic.

The Riviera style is part of this production system with the "Cruise" label to identify the collections on sale in May and September for those who go on a cruise for the winter, or to enjoy the warm pre-autumn sun.

- What inspires the marine-style striped shirt?

It is inspired by the uniforms of the navies which in all states (mainly Western) have stripes as recurring elements, even if distributed differently. It is customary to trace the origin of the stripes to the long-sleeved light cotton jersey shirt given to sailors of the French National Navy.

Sailor stripes

- What are the inevitable colors of the Riviera Style?

If we want to stick to the uniforms of the Navy, the range of colors is paradoxically more lively than what is normally seen in shops and in my opinion it is also more beautiful because it includes not only white and blue, light blue and light beige but also the royal blue which is a gorgeous color, a little red and a touch of gold! 

Having to imagine the perfect range for a mini capsule in marino or Riviera style, I would choose, without hesitation, these colours: certainly a base of white and blue with a little light blue and light beige for the day, but also including royal and red which gives everything holiday cheer and joy... and last but not least, to amaze everyone, a touch of black for the evening dresses illuminated by golden buttons.
informal Riviera style riviera chic style 

- Which accessories should you use to complete an impeccable "Riviera Style" outfit?

Gold, gold, gold! Gold for the buttons, gold for the chain belts as well as for the chain chokers and necklaces, gold for the evening mini bags and the strictly flat sandals. Straw hats, white sneakers, red, blue or beige ballet flats and then the inevitable scarves always in the same tone to flutter in the wind.

On the Instagram profile @stilestili_monicanegri, you will find many interesting ideas

Rivelami's Riviera inspiration

The Riviera line knows the road that leads to the sea.
A road that becomes a path, a beach, a shoreline, and then turns back into a road, dotted with beaches and seaside villages, runs on the beach and swimming in the waves, afternoons on a boat and drinks by the sea before sunset.
Lightness and bright colours , Spinnaker sails and light sails combined with fabrics for bags, beach bags, mini bags, clutches and beauty cases

Life on the coast doesn't want more, because the Riviera smells more like a holiday than travel.

Discover all the Riviera inspiration products and start feeling like you're on holiday!

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