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3 ideas for Valentine's Day dedicated to sea lovers

Sea, romantic views, and original gift ideas for a Valentine's Day all made in Liguria. From the Gulf of Poets to the Genoa Lantern, by boat or from the mainland to discover enchanted places

The sea, with its vastness and its timeless beauty, is the perfect setting to celebrate love. If you are looking for something special to share love in a unique and suggestive way, then immerse yourself in the 3 ideas that I have prepared for you and you will know what to do and what to give on Valentine 's Day

"I have always loved the sea and in 2020 I left the Po Valley to give peace to my need for the sea. My husband and I moved to Liguria, a place that continues to surprise me with incredible landscapes and stories of the sea."

For a special Valentine's Day , I wanted to choose 3 places dear to me that in recent years have given me moments of pure wonder and whose stories are intertwined with that of Rivelami:

  • The oldest Italian lighthouse: Genoa and its lantern

  • The path of Love: suspended between sky and sea

  • The Gulf of Poets: poetry in every sunset

Ready to set sail?

Our first route is latitude 43° 24.3' North, longitude 8° 54.3 East to land at the foot of the oldest Italian lighthouse still in operation:

the lighthouse of Genoa

You have to climb the promontory of Capo Faro to reach the " Lanterna ", built in 1128 and rebuilt in 1514 by the great civil architect Giovanni Maria Olgiati.

77 meters high and placed on a 40 meter rock spur, the Lanterna has an effective height of 177 meters above sea level and with these numbers, Genoa has no rivals in the Mediterranean Sea.

365 steps to reach the summit (there is also an elevator, don't give up) also traveled by Christopher Columbus' uncle, Antonio Colombo, guardian in 1449. From up there you can have an incredible view, on cold winter days, with a clear sky you could also see the headlands of Corsica, it's not a mirage, it's a spectacle of nature that we know well here in Liguria. (To visit the Genoa Lantern, you can find all the information on the official website )

Genoa lighthouse, the lantern and sailor's bag under sail

Touching the sky with a finger and opening your gaze to the horizon, this is the magic of lighthouses that we at Rivelami were also enchanted by. This is why we have dedicated an entire collection to lighthouses and the sailors who have always relied on them. The iconic Sailor Sacks show the coordinates of 4 particular lighthouses of the Mediterranean Sea.

We change course and head east, along the Ligurian coast, we head towards La Spezia, destination:

Cinque Terre: the way of Love

The most famous in the world connects the two villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola .

Its origin is not the most romantic, in fact it was a side effect of the construction of the railway in 1920, used as a depot for explosives, at the end of the works it was used more and more often by the locals as it was much more comfortable than the original mule track. Its name comes from an anonymous person who wrote at the beginning and end: Via dell'Amore, making it (unknowingly or perhaps ingeniously ante litteram marketing stroke) the most famous in the world.

Due to a landslide, only 200 meters are currently passable (the reopening is scheduled for summer 2024), but that is enough for a promise of love overlooking the sea of ​​the Cinque Terre.

Inspired by the women and men who have walked this path for more than a century, the Rivelami Cinque Terre shoulder bag is the modern and sustainable saddlebag that can accompany you on long walks

the way of love and the Cinque Terre bag

If you prefer shorter walks then the walk on the beach at sunset in Lerici is the solution for you.

The pearl of the Gulf of Poets,

Lerici has hosted great poets of our history and in the winter months it offers breathtaking sunsets with the sun which, like a fiery ball, falls into the sea between Porto Venere and the island of Palmaria.

To enjoy the best glimpse of the Lerici sunset, I recommend a walk on the Spiaggia della Venere Azzurra , where you can take a walk with the waves caressing the sand and then head towards the pier. After passing the Erix Sailing Club, there is a small viewpoint from which to enjoy an incredible view with the sea under your feet crashing onto the rocks.

Sunset in Lerici, gulf of poets and poems on the sea

When you find yourself in these places, it becomes clear why so many poets have found inspiration from the sea and this panorama, even we at Rivelami were not left unscathed by such beauty, and we wanted to give voice to the sails through poems and famous phrases that speak of sea ​​and love of great authors . If you want to send a message with a special gift, the " Words on Sailing " collection is the best way to do it.

Let yourself be pervaded by the charm of the sea and love and if at this moment you don't have someone close to share this, remember that loving yourself is the first great act of love

Happy Saint Valentine's!

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