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Free Shipping Europe from order €200
Free Shipping Europe from order €200

It's all about textures

Stories of the sea enclosed in the textures of our sails

This is an example of a latest generation sail made of kilometers of Kevlar and carbon filaments captured by two taffeta sheets in a precise order defined to give the shape to the sail itself. As well as the stories of the sea that crystallize in the hearts of those who live them and those who crave them.

Who knows what the story of this sail is, which seas it has sailed, who has looked at it with the sun in their eyes, a plot defined by salt water actors, what will now be the theater of its second life?

Every time we recover a sail, our mind takes pindaric flights imagining moments of the sea, where the waves crash on the hull, making that young lady jump who is there sunbathing and suddenly feels icy water on her or maybe that slip of the guest on board who doesn't really have what is called "sail foot". And then the sailors, the real ones, the ones with faces marked by the sun, men of few words, with sharp eyes, those who speak only to the wind.

Every time it is as if a new act of sea life were staged.

We prepare the stage and the scenography, but the new story is up to you to stage it. Let the curtain rise!

Find out who is the sailor of the house Reveal me and who instead weaves the plot >>>
Image Reveal me

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