Here you will find instructions to prepare your used sails for the recovery phase.

It is important to follow these guidelines to avoid losses during transport

Select the type of transport and read the instructions carefully

You bring the sails to our office

If you want to deliver the sails, with your own vehicle, directly to our headquarters in Sarzana, no special packaging is necessary.

The sails can be delivered in their bags (if present) simply folded.

Upon delivery, you will fill out the recovery form which indicates the number of sails, the material and their origin. This allows us to keep track of the warehouse of recovered fabrics


Where possible we send the courier at our expense to collect the sails. In this case it is very important that the sails are packed in the following way:

  • Pack in plastic bags (such as those from condominium collections), tightly closed with adhesive tape. It is possible to insert more than 1 sail in the bag, if there is sufficient space.
  • Tape the shipping address found on the recovery card sent to you
  • When the sails are ready for collection, send an email to, with the reference number, indicating day, time slot, number of packages and estimated weight. NB. As the collection is carried out by a national courier, it is not possible to establish a precise time.
  • On the day of shipment the courier will collect the sails

The compliance of the packaging avoids the possible loss of the sails during transport, for which we are not responsible.

If you are less than 100km from Sarzana, we can collect it

If the place where the sails are located is approximately 100km from Sarzana, we can agree on the day and time of collection. We will come with our van to collect. In this case we will make telephone arrangements. The sails can only be folded, without additional packaging

What happens next?

Once the sails arrive at our headquarters, they will be inspected to evaluate the quantity of recoverable material. A purchase voucher that can be spent in our Store will be issued proportionally to the type of fabric and the state of recoverability.

To find out more about issuing the voucher