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Free Shipping Europe from order €200
Free Shipping Europe from order €200

Our first big business

Our first large enterprise, made "by hand" like our products. The realization of a dream, the victory on the ocean of a little Star and her solitaire Dario

Rivelami® is a small Italian artisan reality, made by a wife and a husband. And as always happens in such small realities, working life is inextricably intertwined with private life.

So it happens that one day Dario says to Silvia: "I want to cross the ocean with the Star" (for those who have no idea what a Star is, it is a sailing dinghy, former Olympic class, 6.90 meters long, , where normally 2 people sail, bowmen and helmsman). Like a bolt from the blue, like an earthquake underfoot.

Silvia keeps silent, takes her time, reasoning on the fact that saying NO would have been counterproductive (the brain doesn't process negatives!). She decides to be on his side, making sure that all possible precautions are taken and that enthusiasm does not prevail over reasonableness, even if in some aspects of reasonableness there was very little.

Thus begins the "Star in the Ocean" project, totally self-managed and supported thanks to the many sails recycled over time. It is November 11th 2017, Dario Noseda sets sail from Tenerife with his all orange Star, with the sails made by him, with the help of a dear sailmaker friend, Carlo Fracassoli. A daring ocean crossing awaits him, with a thousand and more unexpected events and a thousand emotions, indeed more.

His entire enterprise was followed with passion and trepidation, the same that he was able to convey to all those who encouraged or opposed him.

On 18 December 2017 Dario arrives in Santa Lucìa, even if the arrival was expected in Martinique, but we let you find out the details from his facebook page @starinoceano.

What did we do next? We have enclosed small traces of the ocean in the Star in Ocean collection, made with the clippings of the sails of the crossing to give you a piece of our passion and ensure that that little orange Star can still sail thanks to you

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