diversi modelli di porta ogeeti da appendere realizzati con le vele

DONDO the things holder

The sailor's hanging object holder, inspired by the clews and feathers of the sails, is suitable for many uses. We have tried to imagine some of them, but the freedom of the best use is up to you. You can use Dondo as a magazine rack, as a vase holder or for bathroom accessories. On a boat it is useful for ropes or bathroom products
Have fun combining it with the colors of your spaces!

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Each of our products is made with recycled sails. We give a second life to precious technical fabrics that have a story to tell. All Rivelami products are eco-sustainable


In the Rivelami collections you will always find unique pieces, with a refined design combined with functionality. Our production is always a limited edition, the availability of the sails is limited and each used sail has a unique history


We pay the utmost attention to the quality of our products. We support Made in Italy through the selection of qualified suppliers. Quality makes a product durable


Let's sew our passions together

Since 2014, Rivelami has been producing bags and furnishing accessories by recovering, re-adapting and recycling the fabric of the sails that have sailed in our seas. The knowledge of Silvia, architect and founder of the brand, and the technical preparation of Dario, sailor and sailmaker, make each product unique, with a recognizable style combined with attention to quality

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