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10 sustainable gift ideas for sailors and sea lovers

Is there a perfect gift for those who love the sea? Forget the usual obvious choices, dedicate 3 minutes to discover the best ideas for those who cannot do without the sea

Welcome aboard a new journey across the waves of originality !
If you are a sea lover or know someone who is, you will know how deep the love for the ocean and sailing is. In this article, I reveal a selection of extraordinary gift ideas to surprise and delight the sailors and sea enthusiasts in your life.

Forget the usual obvious choices and immerse yourself in a world of creative thoughts, with ideas that will make the eyes of those who love the infinite blue shine. Are you ready to set off in search of the perfect gift?
We'll be setting sail shortly, so make sure everything is anchored and get ready to discover gift ideas that will make waves! 🌊

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Dario Noseda and Silvia Ronchi

My husband, Dario Noseda, is a long-time sailor and for several years, together, we had a nautical and clothing shop on Lake Como.

There are countless times that we advised our customers in finding the right gift for their sailor friend or friend who couldn't do without the sea. In those years I learned a lot about the variety of people who populate the world of sailing and the characteristics of seafarers

When choosing gift ideas I was inspired by 10 "characters" with peculiar characteristics and I am sure that among these you will find a trait in common with the recipient of your gift:

  1. Wandering the South Seas
  2. Stylish women of the sea
  3. Digital navigators
  4. Masterchef of the Galley
  5. News hunter
  6. Who crouches down to listen to the sea 
  7. Wandering navigator
  8. Passionate about sea stories
  9. Lover of order
  10. The soul frees

Now that as true "profilers" we have identified the characteristics of the person to whom we will give the gift, let's discover the 10 perfect gift ideas for each profile

1• Waterproof sailing beauty for South Sea wanderers

Wandering wanderers both at sea and on land, the beauty is the container for the bare essentials. It's that object you take with you when you travel by plane, when you get off the boat for a shower at the yacht club, you have it with you at the gym and you never forget it for a beach escape.
Beauty is always needed and if our Marò beauty bag seems too big for you, you can take a look at the " Pochette Barchetta " and " Case ".

2• For stylish seafaring women, their Ditty Bag

Ditty bag Reveal me
For her who loves sea traditions, romantic and attentive to style. The Ditty-bag is not just a bag, it is a piece of naval history. Inspired by the original used by sailors since 1800, it now becomes a small treasure chest for the most precious objects. The entirely hand-knotted handle makes this small limited edition bag precious.

3• For digital navigators: Computer holder and tablet case

Digital navigators, frenetic weather site observers or route simulators. Even when they are on land, they surf the web challenging the waves of wi-fi networks, their most precious object is the laptop or tablet , for this reason they will keep it safe in the right waterproof case made with sails that will allow them to continue sailing in perfect safety

4• For the Masterchefs of the galley: Table set: placemats and napkin baskets

American placemats and napkin baskets

"Add a place at the table so that there is an extra friend" and with the sailing placemats, setting the table will be a game. Practical, unique and waterproof, suitable from breakfast to dinner. They take up little space (this is essential on a boat) and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Whoever takes care of the galley on board or at home will be happy to present his delicacies on a table like this. Can be combined with the new windproof baskets designed to keep napkins from flying away, you can find everything HERE

5• Always on the hunt for news from the sea: magazines

For sea lovers who want to immerse themselves in a world of salt water even while sitting on the sofa at home, I recommend SIRENE , it is not just a magazine, it is a story of seafarers for seafarers, immersive photographs, slices of life lived in water surface. Also very beautiful is the book edited by the director Alberto Coretti "Gente di Mare" where life at sea is told through the 5 senses.

If, however, the sailing enthusiast is always looking for news on the latest regattas, on new projects, on boat prices, then the right gift is a subscription to the "Giornale della Vela" , in paper and digital version so as not to miss out on the insights into nautical news

6• Cuddles listening to the sea: Windproof blanket

To not give up a sky of stars even when the temperature is cooler. A windproof blanket is perfect for the boat, evenings in the cockpit will be more pleasant, but you can also use it on the sofa at home and you will feel like you are on a boat lulled by the waves for a happier sleep. Made in 3 sizes: baby, perfect as a stroller blanket, outdoor and double to snuggle up together and listen to the sea.

7• For the wandering navigator Sailing bags

sailor bag

Sea lovers are always ready to reach it, which is why the sailor's bag by definition is the perfect bag for a quick escape from the city or for a nice day at the seaside. Made with the iconic white sails, closed by a real nautical rope with a hand-stitched leather insert, they will make even the most stubborn earthlings a true sailor.

8• Passionate about sea stories: 60,000 miles under sail

book cover 60000 miles sailing by Bernard Moitessier

Bernard Moitessier is certainly the greatest representative of romantic sailing, anyone approaching the world of sailing will have read one of his books, but not everyone knows this wonderful book written by the wife of the well-known navigator. If the recipient of your gift is a man, it will be an opportunity to change his mind about the saying about women on board. If, however, it is a woman who will receive this gift, you will give her smiles and female solidarity.

9• Lover of order: I swing the glove box that doesn't fear skids

On a boat it is impossible to stay still, you are always rocking, which is why everything is blocked and secured. Dondo is an object holder that rocks, following the heeling of the boat, always seeking its center of gravity. It is called the "things holder" because it lends itself to many different uses: for ropes in the cockpit, for bathroom products, for magazines and even for a plant on the terrace. The Dondo is inspired by the clews of sails, with its ring and cord you can hang it anywhere

10• The free soul: Reveal me Gift Card

I know, there are many gift ideas in the world of Rivelami, if you are still undecided, the solution to avoid making mistakes is the Gift Card, it arrives directly via email, you can purchase it even at the last moment, it has no expiry date and leaves you completely free to choose choose from our entire catalogue.

The Rivelami Gift Card always has the wind at its back!

We have browsed among the most popular and original items for the perfect gifts for a sailor or simply a lover of the sea. If you have any particular request do not hesitate to write to we will do everything possible to satisfy your request

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