stile Riviera a righe bianche e azzurre


Sail numbers, blue, red, yellow, orange and fluo inserts are accompanied by white dacron, sack closures, zip handles and webbed shoulder straps. The Riviera line is shaped by the drift alphabet and knows the road that leads to the sea.

A road that becomes a path, a beach, a shoreline, and then returns to a road, dotted with beaches and seaside villages, runs on the beach and swims in the waves, afternoons on the boat and drinks by the sea before sunset.

Bags, beach bags , pochettes. Life on the coast wants no more. Because the Riviera smells more like a holiday than a travel one. You enter and exit the water, light as the tides chasing each other on the sand. It takes very little to be happy on the coast. The sun high in the sky, a swim in the sea and a sail bag to entrust with the necessary, but also a little superfluous.

Bags and accessories in light and colorful sail fabric

Borse piccole tracolla in tessuto tecnico vela


Mini Bag and Traverso are the small original Riviera style bags

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Borsa grande in tessuto sostenibile, vele riciclate, stile riviera


Large and light, for day and beach, worn over the shoulder or over the shoulder. Easy to pack

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borse sportive in tessuto vela


Backpacks and Mini Duffles for dynamic people always ready to set off on a new journey

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portascarpe, beauty in tessuto impermeabile e colorato


Beauty, clutch bag and shoe rack. Colorful, original and ready to contain your accessories

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The lightest and most colorful sails

Characteristics of the Riviera line by Rivelami

The lightness of the holiday and the sailors' uniform

The first striped shirts appeared in the 17th century in the Brittany region, the wives of fishermen and sailors knitted this garment for their men with the aim of making the men who fell into the sea more visible. It was then the French Navy, with an official decree dated 27 March 1858, which introduced the tricot rayé bleu indigo et blanc (lamarière) into the official list of sailor outfits.

It was Coco Chanel, in the 1920s, who cleared this garment and made it a symbol of style and elegance linked to sea life.

The dominant colors of this striped fabric are white, blue, red, arriving at a more contemporary vision with light blue, beige and a touch of yellow.

To find these colors in the sails we recover, we select the Nylons of Spinnakers and lighter sails

The lightness of the holiday is enclosed in the low weight of these products, a large bag weighs a maximum of 300 grams. The light and soft fabric of these recycled sails allows bags and accessories to be folded into small spaces, making them perfect for packing in a suitcase or storing in the cabin on a boat.

When fashion meets sustainability

From the charm of 20th century luxury cruises to a sustainable and evergreen style

A question of style… Riviera style

The stripe that identifies the Riviera style has always been the pattern linked to the sea, it surpasses every seasonal trend by resisting over time, we can define the maritime...

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sailing, sea, design and sustainability

Let's sew our passions together

Since 2014, Rivelami has been producing bags and furnishing accessories by recovering, re-adapting and recycling the fabric of the sails that have sailed in our seas. The knowledge of Silvia, architect and founder of the brand, and the technical preparation of Dario, sailor and sailmaker, make each product unique, with a recognizable style combined with attention to quality for products that last over time and make you recognizable

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