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What have we done with all the sails recovered to date

A recap of our products, from 2012 to today, including bestsellers and secret models that we have never shown

Among you there are those who have been following us for years, perhaps forever and this will be a fantastic Amarcord moment.

But there are those who have just met us and know little or nothing about what we have done, well, this article is for you, let's start:

2012, a bit for fun, we started making clumsy sailor bags, we started from the basics, but immediately the challenge was to get the round base back and figure out how to block the top at the back, no lining, no pockets, no riveted rings... everything too much for us at that time. All sewn with an old mother-in-law's sewing machine

We arrive at 2014, where we had acquired a taste for it, but above all we had gotten a little carried away, still no linings, but we had already developed some models, the one in the photo is the embryo of the CABIN BAG, at the time we called it Beach. But the important thing is that the RIVELAMI brand was born in this year, giving it a name was confirming its existence.

2016 the great turning point, Rivelami was a small child to whom we dedicated care and passion, we opened the lab and production began. Thanks to the sublimation printer we experimented with bags with sea-themed Maxy prints, the first version of "Traverso" took shape, and then we invented the "Cambio bag", essentially an Ikea-type bag with an attached mat to unroll so as not to get the hands dirty. feet when he changed from a wetsuit to a suit.

2017 The year of the stars! The feat of Dario who crossed the ocean that year with a Star boat (6.90m narrow 1.60 for further details @starinoceano) was an all-encompassing feat. The Star symbol is a ⭐️ , therefore stars everywhere, on the collection dedicated to the company and on many other bags.

2018 the first paintings, the first design project, the chance called TAack, the Vela Festival and the first sails of the Superyachts. When I saw the first of those sails, I thought "this is enough for me for 10 years", I was wrong

2019 finally the first photo shoot with what has become the GENOVA bag (at the time it was called check-in), the collar clutch bag, lined because we no longer fear linings and then other loads of sails. We had a different Instagram profile, but since I messed around connecting the shop, we had to open this one where you are now.

2020-21 Will everything be fine? Yes it went well, we moved to the sea, in Liguria and it will be the view, the joy of having made a dream come true, but new models are being released: the Tellina, of which a special edition is being released in collaboration with Morgatta , Bon Voyage, the personalized cushions finished on one of the most instagrammed charters of all thanks to @valentina.girodivento, and the collaboration with Sirene journal for a very special box and then the Versilia bag

2022-23 begins with Brezzino and Brezza, the first everyday backpacks. The backpack has always been a pet peeve of mine and after the complexity of the CORSARO, let's say I stayed away from it, but you were right, in fact you appreciated it a lot. We open the temporary shop in Lerici for a month, a unique experience, truly exhausting, especially if you have to run production in addition to the shop.

We arrive at more recent times, this year opens with the RIVIERA collection, very light and colourful, then we ideally set sail with the CiNQUE TERRE towards the Mediterranean or then the Ocean. Art also gives air to our sails, thanks to the installation for the Ocean Race Gran Finale in Genava by maestro Marco Nereo Rotelli. And since we got carried away with art, here's the collectible DITTY BAG, which will be back soon.

Did you find your bag in this #recap? Update me on the history of that bag in the comments 🔽 I'm curious 😉

#velericiclate #upcycling #borseartigianali

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