Handcrafted Sustainabilityand Passion

the Origin of RIVELAMI

RI stands
for Reuse, in italian "Riuso"

VELA is a Sail

MI is an exhortation to do well

Sewing your passions together

Architect meets Sailor.
From their combined skillset, abilities and passion the RIVELAMI brand was born
with a sustainable soul.


After graduating from the Polytechnic
of Milan, Silvia worked for many years as an Architect for various renowned firms,
including Matteo Thun & Partners, before beginning to freelance.

In 2014 comes the big
decision to transfer her creative skills and innate manual abilities to create
long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful objects, guardians of many sea stories.
This is how the RIVELAMI® brand came to be.


Wind and water are his
elements. Originally from lake Como, in 2017 Dario decides to broaden his
horizon by crossing the Atlantic Ocean single handed aboard a 6.90 meter boat, the
Star, which he himself prepared for the mission. He firmly believes the sails
"speak" to him, and this is why he is RIVELAMI® ‘s sail procurer and safe
keeper of the large warehouse and archives.

La second life of sails

Our sails are recovered all
around Italy from various types of boats, ranging from the very small Optimists
to Superyachts. With their very different fabrics and markings left by salt and
wind, they each tell their unique stories.

By reutilising used sails we take advantage of a
precious opportunity to recycle large quantities of synthetic fibre materials
extending their life cycle and significantly reducing their impact on the

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Bags, accessories and household items are all created
by recycling fabric recovered from used sails. Their different materials allow
us to satisfy different uses and creative needs


It's always the best time
to be sustainable. Choosing a product made with recycled sails is a conscious decision.
 Now is the time.


The brand was born on the
shores of Lake Como, in Mandello del Lario, where the sound of the sails can be
heard from the shore.

Since 2020 we have
broadened our horizons to the sea. We are now based in Liguria, in the province
of La Spezia, where the sails snap between the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of
Poets, letting the gaze travel towards the open sea.


We see a hand-made future
that does not waste available resources. We believe in the power of recycling
to create useful and unexpectedly beautiful objects.

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