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Picnic on the Beach: Reveal Bags for a Sustainable Excursion

As the summer in coming and days are getting longer, this is the ideal time for a picnic by the sea. But how do you organize a sustainable picnic on the beach, without giving up a touch of elegance? Discover how a picnic is just...

What's better than a lunch by the sea? The sand under your feet, the relaxing sound of the waves and the warmth of the sea breeze caressing your skin ...

When you think of a perfect summer weekend, few images are more inviting than a relaxing picnic on the beach, enjoying the magnificent scenery and spending quality time with friends or family.

Having lunch on the beach also requires a little organization, especially if you don't want to give up comfort and elegance. It is also essential to pay attention to sustainability and respect for the environment.

In this article, I will tell you how to organize an eco-friendly beach picnic .

You will discover what must not be missing, how to choose the ideal place and what delicacies to enjoy with your feet in the sand and I will share with you my secrets for a sustainable and elegant excursion.



"I graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in 2002 and until 2015 Architecture and interior design were my profession. I followed the creation of prestigious seaside villas, homes in the city with large lofts and highly organized studio apartments. The management of space has always been an exciting challenge for me. Today, when I design an object made with recycled sails, I put its functionality in the foreground, enhancing it with a new and sustainable aesthetic."



Why Choose a Picnic on the Beach?

The benefits of an outdoor picnic

A picnic on the beach is not just an opportunity to enjoy delicious snacks in the sun; it is also an opportunity to reconnect with nature and recharge your mental and physical energies.

We now know that spending time outdoors reduces stress and improves mood , making picnics a healthy as well as pleasant choice.

Furthermore, an environment such as the beach, with its vast horizon and the soothing rhythm of the waves, can increase creativity and psychological well-being.


The importance of respecting the environment in our choices

If you choose to picnic on the beach, I feel compelled to talk to you about responsibility when it comes to protecting our coastal areas.

Using sustainable products , like Rivelami bags made from recycled sails, is a key step towards reducing your waste and plastic footprint .

Every decision, from the choice of food to the type of containers used, can have a significant impact.

Small gestures are enough, such as reducing disposable plastic and preferring reusable accessories, to show an active commitment towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

The sea has always represented an inexhaustible source of inspiration and adventure for us.

But today, in addition to traditional stories of sailors and epic voyages, it also offers a vital example of sustainability . At Rivelami®, each piece of recycled sail becomes testimony to a commitment towards a greener future and exceptionally innovative design.


How to organize a perfect picnic on the beach

To spend an unforgettable day, it is essential to organize it as best as possible, trying not to overlook anything.

1) Then check the weather forecast for the day of the picnic and prepare adequately, not forgetting to bring sun protection, hat and sunglasses with you.

Make sure you have blankets or beach towels available to sit comfortably on the sand and enjoy lunch. I advise you, by the way, to opt for moisture-resistant fabrics.

2) Choose the destination : each beach has unique characteristics. So look for a destination that fascinates you. It could be a quiet cove, a beach surrounded by rocky cliffs or a stretch of golden sand.

If you don't want to give up comfort, then check that there are toilets and refreshment points not far from the beach you have chosen.

3) To ensure that your picnic is not only delicious but also practical, choose foods that resist heat well and are easy to transport. Fresh fruits like watermelons, grapes, and peaches provide a natural refreshment and are easy to consume

4) An eco-friendly picnic kit could include compostable or reusable plates, cutlery and glasses, as well as recycled cloth or paper napkins. By encouraging these practices you will not only enjoy a flawless picnic, but you will also leave the beach as clean as you found it, helping to preserve the natural beauty of the place.



Enjoy your picnic in style and respecting the environment

placemat for lunch on table with plates and cutlery


To organize a sustainable excursion, avoid disposable plastic plates and cutlery. Instead, choose reusable or biodegradable crockery and glasses.

Organizing a picnic doesn't mean giving up a bit of elegance. For this reason, I advise you to think about a refined setup , which makes lunch even more pleasant.

For this purpose, you could use the washable and customizable placemats from Rivelami.

Each placemat is made with fabric recovered from laminate sails. It is a type of material composed of two transparent films that enclose the carbon and Kevlar fibers that make up the sail.

This is an original and sustainable choice, which will allow you to personalize your picnic to the maximum.

In fact, each placemat has a different design given by the orientation and composition of the fibers.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between milk, licorice, curacau blue and personalized placemats.


Your travel companions to the beach

If you want to be ready for your beach date, I have a couple of tips for you.

For your sustainable picnic, I want to introduce you to the Brezza backpack and the Brezzino backpack . Designed with the philosophy of combining style, functionality and sustainability, these travel companions are perfect for any beach excursion.

Obviously embracing sustainability.


The Brezza backpack

two elderly people on a bench at sunset

The Brezza backpack is the ideal ally for those looking for a robust but elegant option.

Suitable for work, school or a day at the beach, Brezza is built to withstand the most demanding conditions – perfect for both a light breeze and sea storms.


Its versatility makes it indispensable for those who want a single solution for different needs.







Brezzino backpack

breeze backpack hanging on a chair

On the other hand, the Brezzino backpack is like a summer breeze: light, essential and indispensable.


Ideal for those who prefer to travel light without sacrificing style, the Brezzino offers enough space for your picnic essentials, whilst remaining compact and easy to handle.


The color variations of these backpacks reflect the sails from which they were recreated, making each piece unique and personal.



Both backpacks could be valuable allies for a designer and practical picnic experience, but they also represent a step forward in conscious fashion.

Made with recycled materials, they demonstrate Rivelami's commitment to the fight against waste and for a more sustainable future.

By bringing Brezza or Brezzino with you, not only will you have everything you need for a perfect day at the beach, but you will also help protect that environment that we love so much!




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