Give your sails a second life

The Rivelami® used sail recovery campaign allows you to save on disposal costs as well as giving you the real advantage of obtaining a purchase voucher that can be spent in our store

Why not cast your sails

From special waste to resource

To date, in Italy, sails, like fabrics in general, are considered "special waste" (DL no. 116/2020)

The objective is to reduce the environmental impact of textiles and encourage reuse and recycling

To avoid disposal costs with specialized companies, you can join our sail recovery campaign


What sails can we recover?

There are many types of sails, produced with different materials. Unfortunately, not all of them can be given a second life. Check the type of sail yours corresponds to.







White sails

Dacron® jibs and mainsails

Technical sails

Carbon fibers and Kevlar

Maxy/Super yacht

Contact us for details

In compliance with Italian laws, Rivelami does not collect waste, but only collects sails whose fabric can be reused. It is important to respect the packaging instructions in order not to disperse the shipped sails into the environment.

If it is not possible to give a second life to your sails, we recommend that you contact the waste management company in your municipality or specialized companies