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Flat case $27.00
Bollard $41.00
Blue-Beige braid
Short Blue-Beige
Short blue white
Available in 6 colors
SHOE RACK #1 $87.00
SHOE RACK #3 $87.00
Flat case $27.00
Flat case $27.00
Flat case $27.00
Flat case $27.00
Flat case $27.00
Flat case $27.00

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The sails hold stories of the sea, each texture is different, which is why each of our products has unique details. Product availability varies based on available sails, you may not find a product available tomorrow tomorrow.

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Technical fabrics compared

Recovering the sails allows us to reuse high quality technical fabrics, designed to resist the force of the wind. After sailing in our seas, the sail fabric still offers many opportunities for use.

The fabrics

Since 2014 we have been recovering sails of all types, from small dinghies to Superyachts and historic boats, we have the possibility of having the evolution of sail loft production in our hands.

The main materials with which the sails are made are mainly 3:

  • Nylon,
  • Dacron®(Polyester)
  • Fabrics composed of carbon fibers, Kevlar or other aramid fibers, called Laminates

NYLON - The colorful ones

Nylon is a thin fibre, with good elastic characteristics. It is a light and resistant fabric. On boats, the bow sails are made with this fibre, and those for the stern wind are found in different colours, sometimes even combined with each other. Until the 2000s it was common to find them colourful, yellow, orange, white or red, white and blue. In recent years the trend is to use a single colour, often white, to give the possibility of customizing them with maxi graphics. You can find these light, colorful and resistant sails in the RIVIERA collection, bags that weigh just a few grams to spend a day lightly. Nylon sails are also present in the linings of our bags, in the Maxy poufs and in details of baskets and cushions

DACRON - The white sails

The " white sails " are the most widespread, they are made of Dacron®, a polyester fiber patented by Dupont, with excellent resistance and durability, soft but which maintain their shape well. It is not uncommon to recover Dacron sails that are more than 40 years old and even today their fabric can be recovered because it retains the physical characteristics necessary for the production of our creations. These sails are preferred by cruise boats for their easy maintenance and long product life. On the white sails that are more lustrous you can still find reinforcements made with hand stitching by master sailmakers, details that bring to mind stories of the sea and sailors, such as the Ditty Bag , an iconic navy bag, which we have reinterpreted respecting the style and proportions with precious knotted details inspired by long ocean crossings. The white sails take our gaze to the horizon, inspiring us from the routes in the Mediterranean , where duffel bags and sailor bags together with women 's bags of different sizes take shape with all their unique details.

LAMINATES - The techniques

They are the most recent materials, composed of different types of fibres, preferred by racers for their high performance, unfortunately at the expense of durability. They are made like a sandwich, on the outside two layers of a Mylar film or a light fabric such as Taffeta, the fibers are arranged inside, all held together by glues. These materials tend to be more rigid, they suffer from sharp creases, but they are waterproof and for this reason they are reused for some products selected especially in the LIVING line, such as placemats , where waterproofness is a highly appreciated quality or for baskets , where rigidity allows us to obtain stable shapes

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